Abyssal Dungeon weekly limit exceeded without even playing

We queued up for Tranquil Karkosa then game threw us back to the city. Now we can’t get any reward and can’t proceed to next Abyss. Anyone else faced this issue ? We are in need of materials to get 1100 and losing weekly reward like this is not okay.

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Same problem here, got in Sea Of Indolence then kicked instantly and lost my weekly attempt…

Same here. Was in Boss fight when we got the message “server will shutdown in 5” - on saturday. Just opened a ticket, maybe this will help…

Same Problem here, got kicked out during loading screen and now the Ticket is gone.
Server: Asta
Character: Fetsch

Same … instantly got teleported out of the raid and now its limit exceeded

Server: Thirain
Character Name: Cryend

fingers crossed the weekly reset solve the issue by itself, cause i contacted support about it, and they told me they aware of the issue and they linked me this; February 20 - Update on Current Top Issues
however this specific issue is not on the list and i think the support guy had no clue what i was talking about.