Abyssal feedback


Would it be possible to remove the hard lock on Abyssal dungeon’s/raids?

When I say that, I understand the need to lock out the reward system, however, I don’t see the need to lock a character from entering again once they’ve completed it for the week.

The full lockouts on this negatively impact player ability to repeat the content to practice mechanics or have some fun. This also removes the ability to sherpa friends and new guild mates that haven’t done the content before if you’ve done your weekly.

I just find it so strange that we need to level and use an alt to help our friends.

Again, I’m not asking to give more rewards for repeating on the same character, remove all rewards, however, please just think about letting us access the fights as much as we want. I love the content, I would just like a better way to help other players.


I’m on your side but I believe they don’t want to remove the lock on account of selling carries but I could be wrong.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve heard that was a reason before. It just leads me to think the following though:

  • Super small portion of people would be selling RMT carries. They likely get banned anyways if they were spamming.
  • Does this restriction outweigh having to tell a friend “Sorry, you got to get your own group, we done this already” or leaving people out because you have an odd number of guild mates.
  • Not something I would do, but would skilled players offering their assistance for an “in-game” rate really be a bad thing? If people earned their currency then they should be free to spend it, even if it was for getting into a group.

I just really dislike turning friends away each week for something I could help with if I could access it. :person_shrugging:

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I have to agree with you, DeltaS177, that it would be nice if they would remove the hard locks. They’re removed for the Guardian Raids, after all, so why not Abyssals too? It’d be nice to help others with the dungeon rather than them suffer frustration with PUG groups. Teaching dungeons and mechanics would be much easier with folks that have done it before and are known to be willing to help out.


For the ‘carry sell’ issue, perhaps they could limit the repeat runs to random matchmaking only.

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Hey @DeltaS177

I understand its difficult to remove the hard lock on abyssal dungeons. I understand this lock is not efficient especially when you have to play regularly and interrupt your smooth game play ability.

From my end i will definitely send this feedback to the development department to help you. If there would be any update available on this, you would be able to check those updates on our official forums page. Thank you for your input on this.

All the best with the game.


Thanks Eivor