Abyssal raid locked due to sever issues

Hi, i queued for the abyssal dungeon Sea of Indolence while it seems the servers were lagging yesterday. All 8 players were put into a group and ported in, after the loading screen i was returned back to Feiton and the abyssal raid was now locked, stopping any progress into the second and third dungeon.

Could this be possibly reset for me please? As it’s screwed with my progression this week.

IGN: Nivode
Server: Neria
Region: Central EU


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Same happened to me right now, we waited like 10 mins to enter the raid and finally we managed to get loading screen. After few seconds I teleported to Feiton :S This is so annoying and I am very angry right now. I couldn’t get any rewards, and as it is my first entrance now i cant enter the other raids because they are locked. This is sooooo annoying.

Pleaseee FIX THIS, I am at Kadan and after a certain time it is nearly impossible to enter any raids or dungeons, I have no words to say !!!
Server: Kadan
Character: Scarletnox

The exact same thing happened to me just now. Hope they fix it, I would hate to miss out on 3 dungeons this week just because of server issues.

IGN: Rasvan
Server: Zinnervale

Same thing happened for me last night.

IGN: Folksmn
Server: Galatur

Same Thing for me, Joined a Raid loaded in and got kicked out, now i am locked.

IGN: Splashylama
Server: Regulus
Region: NA East

Similar issue for me. Got into raid but we quit cause some people didnt understand mechs. Now I cant enter anymore.

Steam Name: Naeramarth
Char Name: Naermarth
Server: Slen
Region: EU Central

but we quit

How is that sever problem? U made ur mistake, lesson learned

The limit isn’t reached if you quit. Only if you finish. As with all raids ingame.