Abyssal/Guardian Challange

So i like how they works putting all on the same lvl for a raid, we already done for a bit of a challange but, will we get “new” raid to do since guardians is from Lumerus to Velganos, Ancient elveria to Ark of Arragance. i would like to get the other ones as well since is kinda burning out the challange at this point (for me)

What?? This isnt making much sense.

And I would like it to be “Book of coordination” instead of “Scales of harmony” type of content. I mean it’s not a gamechanger, just a QoL upgrade IMO, and I like that piece of content as it gives a lot of rewards.

But the logic behind is, once you get better stats than those applied in that raid, it gets harder and much less enjoyable to play with scaled-down stats. And the same logic applies from the PoV of lower tiers as well - you’re already used to fighting those guardians and bosses with scaled down stats, and now you suddenly have better stats to deal with - you’re clueless about your proper rotations now.

But I guess at least this way they get to see their class slightly tuned up, to grasp a bit of their potential. Albeit not too much xD

i didn t think about it the book of coordination would be actually ok for that type of content too, but what about the other raids too :c

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Well, you can’t put it in every content because it would delete the point of gear progression and honing, wouldn’t it?

yes but wasn t already a challange getting regressed to the dungeon ilvl so is not a straight os? Since the normal raid it can be a os, idk maybe i was hoping for to much “challange”.

it wouldn’t
because you are doing this content only once per week and it’s random

the guardians are random tho but as i said only from Lumerus to Velganos raid, abyssal challange is just a straight line elveria to ark of arragance.

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