Accepting Pop-ups with pressing enter is pretty dumb

As the title says its pretty dumb to have a Pop-up accepted when pressing enter.
There are so many situations where it fucked me but today was something special.
We went into a T3 legendary map and after we killed the Boss i couldnt loot anything for whatever reason - no, my inventory was not full - someone in that group spammed the “leaving dungeon” portal which I obviously declined all the time. When he stopped spamming i opened my chat window to type i need a second - pressing enter to send it AND THAT DUDE CLICKED LEAVE DUNGEON AGAIN. Opening the Pop-up in the second i wanted to send a text message.
Yeah we left the dungeon, rip loot.
Anyway, anyone here that actually uses enter for Pop-ups? Dont see a situation where I ever would.

Edit: Thinking of it, the only way to send a text message is to press enter right? :)))))

TLDR: fuck Pop-ups

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I agree its very dumb…

Yup,many stories like that,it’s annoying as hell.