Access News Area Rowen?

How to unlock Rowen ? please

In the exact same way as unlocking Kurzan.

Thanks, but.

What is Kurzan ?

It’s a continent that hasn’t been released yet - just like Rowen.
Forgive me for trolling :slight_smile:

Hmmm i see, thanks anyway.


Rowen appears next Wednesday.
Take care!!

It won’t be out until the February update.

Moving this thread over to the English-speaking part of the forum, thank you! :slight_smile:

Like every new area in the game, Rowen should be unlocked as soon as you login after maintenance.

You will most likely get a pop up quest window on screen.

after the release next month
Item level 1445
you will have a guide quest that you accept and then head to it next to shushire

Rowen is not next month tho roween is in 1 week

People sure are lazy


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