Accessories and Pheons

Please give us a way to put farmed Accessories in our Roster Bank.

If we do so, the Item could lose the ability to be traded on the Auctionhouse, but can be used on Alts.


No. That’d be incredibly broken for obvious reasons. The economy is shit as is.

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For example you find this

It is (not really) worth to sell (I could find better Items with less Buyout Price)


But It is good to use on an alt.

Buying it on that said alt isn’t worth, cause you have to spend 15 Peons.

So basically you either get Peons and buy good Items or you play with random Engravings.

With this Idea, we could share useful Items among our Roster and stop throwing it away.

Obviously 90%+ of the people will sell BiS Accessories, but I am more focused on Items like these. This won’t be THE WAY to get BiS Engravings, but is nice to have to get at least 2-3 Engravings (especially on Relic).

If you still want 4x3 or 5x3 you are still forced to buy Peons and buy something really useful - but this is not what this is about.