Accessory prices

Hello fellow bard/pally players.

Are you looking forward to 100k+ BiS relic accessories? :DDDDD

Fucking whale baits man…

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As a Paladin main who never had to overpay from anything I’m looking forward on selling my overpriced accessories and then rebuying them for fraction of a price.

From my current setup lege books aside the most expensive part was the Pheon cost.

On bright side my setup is good enough for Valtan HM.


Drop out all the engravings and leave only Drops of Ether. Best all in one Engraving. It gives u everything :rofl:

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You know the funny thing? Paladin and bards do not need to upgrade to relic accesories for content. All you need is 3/3/3 and maybe 2 or 3 for heavy armor on a bard.

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Thats fair enough but I feel like im letting ppl down constantly low rolling my weekly accessories because half of them are worthless (true courage).

I want to be 4x3 like everyone else :pleading_face:

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Dont be like everyone else. Be unique!

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relateable, had 26 true courage accessories today from p3, pain.

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yeah, bards/pallies are pretty greedy creatures… :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like dps will struggle more since the expectation will be 5 lvl 3 engravings. On the other hand supports will just be asked for 3 lvl 3s. It will also help that non supports can get jewlery pieces support players want.

Still will be expensive, but I do not think any more than KBW/Grudge/Cruse Doll

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Yeah, the support engravings are non-existant and in legion raids heavy armor isn’t that helpful because you really don’t want to get hit.

Blessed x9+keep 2 legendary accessories with blessed=15. Because class engraving isn’t guaranteed.
Awakening 9 slot+6 stone.
Expert 5+5+5 with 2 relic accessories and +5 stone.

Then you can even get a maxed out relic neck with spec+swift and 0 good engravings.

It will definitely be way worse for DPS players. All I know I’m selling literally everything for a first few weeks.

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if you are lucky bots got enough balls from infinity shop and will trade them all in at day 1. It will instantly kill the market

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Just do your 2 most expensive engravings from book+rock.

We got that many 1445 bots? Genuinely curious

yes, pretty no brain from the devs also to use the same balls as for legendary accs…

Unless they ban RMTers, dont expect accessory prices to go down anytime soon.

Interesting. All i have seen are people at those gear levels who macro the infinite chaos dungeon. The actual bots are just t3. Seems like a very poor investment to take a bot to 1445 and then get it banned

a massive chinese botter showed his bot army and in every roster he has 1 1445 so depending on how many thousand accounts he has he got quiet some 1445s :smiley:

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Okay, thats a good point.

Side note: Anyone know how hell mode raids work?

Do I need to prepare BiS accessories to do those as a bard?

Nobody want a bard in hell mode where it’s inferior to paladin in every single way