Accidental AH Purchase, No Safe Guards


I was playing on my Striker and just finished an abyssal dungeon where I picked up a Shadowhunter: Demonic Impulse Legendary Book…

I went to sell it and while checking prices and stock on auction house and I made the mistake of hitting ‘buy’ thinking I was in the sell menu. I know I’m pretty stupid for making such a mistake but it’s 10:30P on the end of a work week and I was super exhausted.

First, I really think there should be a secondary confirmation before going to spend 2500 gold…
Second, It would be great if I could get a refund or at least be able to list this absolutely worthless book… I can’t do anything with it and I don’t plan on rolling another alt.

Please, im super broke now and depressed.

Hello @Tacsensei

Welcome to the forums I hope you are having a great week so far!

I totally understand your situation this must be frustrating 2500 gold is surely a large amount. Unfortunately we can not refund or revert this type of actions since they are not related to any specific bug or game error this was a player decision.

I apreciate your feedback about to have a second confirmation to avoid mistakes and it is a topic to share here:

You can open a case by the chat support even though i can not confirm that the currency will be returned.

Best wishes
Keep gaming hero!