Accidental deletion of Key ingredient for unlock Mokoko Seed

Hi i have a huge problem. I need to grab all Mokoko seeds in Rohendel but for a mistake i have destroyed a key ingredient come from Reputation reward and now i can’t take my last Mokoko on Rohendel.

Can help me? For example unlock the last mokoko or send via email on game (?) the key ingredient for craft Cooking item i need for unlock mokoko.

I put a screenshot

Please Amazon help me, i’m going crazy T.T

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Greetings @Savazel

Thank you for reaching us out and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had with deleting the character with a desire item.

Unfortunately we are not able to restore nor refund these types of items that were destroyed, even if it was not intentional, it was a decision taken on your end.

If you want to avoid this to happen in future cases I do recommend, block the high level, stats and rarity. almost every equipment is lockable within the game.

Persistence is key, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

In Korea, Russia and Japan, giving back an object obtainable from the reputation that you have accidentally thrown away is very easy and is provided if it happens once, why do you have problems? Also, might you not respond with an autoresponder? Thanks

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Hello @Savazel, I hope you’re well and sorry for the delay.

I’m sorry that your reputation reward item is missing, were you able to find it?

If not, as @JWarlock mentioned, we’re currently not able to restore or refund items that were destroyed, however, the reputation reward item “Magical Fermentation Boost” cannot be deleted, so it is possible that it is somewhere in your inventory, please make sure to check your pet’s, personal and roster storage.

If you still can’t find this item, please reply below with the name and server of your character, and if possible, please provide us with screenshots of your inventories.

Hope you have a nice day.

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I have destroyed the item cooking #1 of Rohendel. This item was created with Fermentation boost, for this i cry alot. I have 1234/1235 Mokoko T.T
Without this item i can’t take my last Mokoko, hope i can have back the #1 cooking item or Fermentation or unlock mokoko of rohendel (?)

Name character: Savazel
Server: Neria (EU Central)

Do you want screenshot from my all characters?
NB. I destroyed the item made with the Fermentation Boost (which unfortunately can be destroyed), so I lost the possibility of being able to recreate it, the problem is there.

Imagine having a game in 2022 where you can’t god damn restore items… So incredibly sad and embarrassing for LA

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Hello again @Savazel, thank you for providing this information.

Just to confirm then, the item that you’re missing is the “Empty Ether Bottle” not the “Magical Fermentation Boost”?

If this is the case, I can try escalating your issue to our dedicated team see if we can find another solution so you can get your last mokoko seed.

Wish you a good day in Arkesia!

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Yes yes, is the Empy Ether bottle.

Thank you for replying @Savazel.

As mentioned before, I’ve escalated your issue and will get back to you as soon as I get an answer.

Have a good day!

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Ok, thanks

Perhaps ask the devs to put the Empty Ether Bottle for sale on the Rohendel cook or ingredient vendor after it’s unlocked?

Will allow players to get their own replacements.

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OMG Thanks
finally i can take my last mokoko of the game.