Accidental gear dismantling help!

Hello! I recently created a new character Reaper (IGN: Altarine) and gave the most recent Punika pass and hyper express to that character. I received the Punika pass reward and received the T3 gears. In habit, I accidentally dismantled those gears and now I am stuck in item level 50, not able to continue my journey to receive the hyper express rewards. Can you guys perhaps restore the dismantled gears? If that’s not possible, then can you guys delete this character and give me new hyper express and punika pass? Thank you!

Hello @Altairs

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums community. We are glad to have you here.

Your request to restore the dismantled in-game items will need to have a look from our Technical Department. I request you to submit web ticket to our Support Staff using the below mentioned link so that they can check if it’s possible to restore the Gears for you.

I hope this helps. Cheers! :tada: