Accidentally accepted login reward

I have made a really really bad mistake and set myself back quite a lot but I have not used the item so I was hoping if it would ever be possible… I accepted a login reward on my alt and opened it thinking I was on my main. It is 60x bound Tier 3 Leapstones on an alt who can’t even use it. I’m really demoralized about this as I’ve been trying so bad to get Leapstones on my main to upgrade. All I would ask is if its possible you could move those to my main or if I could have my login reward refunded and delete the leapstones off my alt. Is there any possible way to sort this? I will not touch those leapstones as I can’t use them now anyway. If any mod could give me an answer I’d appreciate it ty. This is really making me want to take a break from the game I know it’s my fault for being stupid and miss clicking but one simple mistake setting me back weeks just makes it hard to want to continue the half impossible grind to 1370 right now.

Hello @IIPHO3NIXII, hope you’re well.

I’m sorry that your login reward was claimed on the wrong character, while the chests themselves are bound to the roster, once their contents are claimed, they are bound to the character that opened them.

Unfortunately we can’t move these items to your main character or return them back to the chest.