Accidentally buying the wrong thing from the in-game shop. Is there literally nothing that could be done?

I don’t want a money refund. I simply want to get my royal crystals back. I haven’t claimed the item.

Why is there literally nothing against a player accidentally buying the wrong item?

Hello @Vulpine,

Hope you are doing well.

I can totally understand that you’d like to reverse your purchase and get your Royal Crystals back which were used for the purchase, but unfortunately, its not possible to cancel a purchase even though the purchase is not claimed by you.

I’d suggest you to be extra careful while checking out in Lost Ark shop cart.

We apologize for the trouble this must have caused you.

Hope you have a great day ahead! :magic_wand:

Why is it not possible? Do you not have access to my inventory? Why not? How can you possibly help support people if you don’t have access to my inventory?

Hello @Vulpine,

I can totally understand your disappointment in this case, but as per the Amazon Refund policy, we cannot refund any in game purchases or cancel them.

You can always refer to our refund policy here : Amazon Games Refund Policy

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

Oh, so it’s the borderline illegal anti-consumer policy that it preventing you from helping me and others. I see.