Accidentally claimed [Limited] Battel Support Item Package with wrong character

Would it be possible to transfer the bound items (30xSplendid Panaces, 30x Splendid Clay Grenade, 30xSplendid Destruction Bomb, 60xSplendid Elemental HP Potion) from my Bard on which i accidentally claimed it to my main character? Would be kinda sad to have these items just go to waste after paying royal crystals for them as i likely never gonna use them on this character.
(they should be roster bound in the first place tbf)

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ghaan

Hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry for your situation claiming the package with the wrong character.

Unfortunately I have to tell you that we don’t the possibility to transfer the claimed items of the package to another character of your account.

You can try to contact our support team by creating an e-amil and explained the situation, however there is not garantee that they can make the transfer of the items.

Here is the link to contact them:

Hope this information help you! :wolf: