Accidentally destroyed +14 T3 weapon during Skill Transfer

I’m honestly amazed at how easy it was to ruin a months worth of progress. I’ve been consistently playing since prelaunch (with founders pack). Today I got a better quality T3 weapon from the chaos dungeon so I stored the skills on my previous +14 weapon and quality transferred to the new one. After moving the rest of the tripod skills I wanted to do boss rush only to find out my weapon is completely gone. I probably destroyed it while transferring skills from extra gear, not noticing my weapon was no longer equipped. I just closed the game and stared blankly at the screen. The grind to +14 weapon was tedious and I’m honestly devastated I was that stupid to not notice. People in the Lost Ark discord advised me to try and talk to AG support and try to retrieve the weapon. I thought I’d give it a shot. Is it possible?

Honed gear should have a double warning message before destroyed. I don’t see why anyone would want honed gear destroyed so it shouldn’t be that easily done.

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inventory -> ctrl + rclick gear piece -> lock.

Hope they’ll be reasonable and restore this, as it’s not entirely clear you can lock gear.

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Thank you! I definitely did not know that I can lock gear. No doubt I’ll use it if they restore my weapon. I opened a ticket so fingers crossed!

Hey, same happend to me with my leg gear so i really would like to hear if they helped u or not?
I also opend a ticket but i only got the auto repsonse e-mail so far.

I talked to support and they said they can’t do anything about in-game items. So you’re just screwed.

Still waiting for a response. I haven’t played since it happened 5 days ago. Don’t wanna overwrite logs or however it works.

I actually saw a post here of a twitch streamer who had a clip of him accidentally dismantling something and they told him to contact support to get it back and attach the clip. So I don’t know exactly how certain it is that they can’t retrieve or simply won’t retrieve. Regardless, I’ll shoot my shot as I’ll just have to quit anyway if it won’t be recovered.

Best of luck mate, toss a post here if it works.

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Hi Folks!

Thank you for posting your concern in here!

I am sorry to hear that your T3 weapon was accidentally destroyed. Unfortunately, we are not able to restore items that have been destroyed.

To avoid this situation in the future you can lock the gear to your character as @Ellou said.

PD: Thanks to @Ellou and @glorfunmad for helping in here!

Hope this clarifies any doubts!

See you in Arkesia!

Hey @Darkens, thanks for the reply!
I don’t want to come across as rude but why would live chat support open a ticket if that’s the case? I’ve been consistently checking my email for the past 5 days waiting for a reply.
Now I don’t know if I should still wait or just give up.

They open a ticket to check with the devs basically. I frequently just don’t hear back or receive a response saying: “We checked and we won’t do anything, good luck and thanks for being understanding.”

Hello @wavypine!

You are welcome, trying to help is always a pleasure!

Normally restorations can not be done, however, our customer service always tries to help you as much as they can, checking for any possibility of performing your request. Please keep in mind that we can not assure you that you’ll receive your item back or any compensation.

Hope you have a great day!

See you in Arkesia!

I understand.
How long does it usually take to get a reply? I’ve been told to avoid playing my main meanwhile and I’ve been missing quite a lot of content. If I don’t hear by Thursday I’ll be missing all weeklys and dailies :frowning:

Hi @wavypine!

I do not have an exact date for when you are going to receive an answer from the dev team, it depends on how many tickets they have to attend at the moment.

Hope you have a good one!

See you in Arkesia!