Accidentally dismantled my T3 gear T__T

So uhh… I accidentally dismantled my +10 T3 pants T____T Is there a way to get it back?
or…RIP… T_________T

EDIT: No I’m an idiot. I put it in my storage. Please disregard. T___T

Valtan Server

oh no…
not the pants!!!
D: i am sorry that happened to you. if you cant get them back RIP pants

T__________T I hope I can get them back… sigh

This a blonde joke? Did you check around your ankles?

I was really tired and I wasn’t looking in my inventory and just hit dismantle with all the other loot. I was going thru my alts I came back to my main and the pants were gone. So I’m assuming I dismantled it somewhere… Getting it up to +10 is so much mats T__T

This was my char yesterday

That is not possible… :wink:

That sucks. You can lock gear I think. Just a FYI

How do you lock gear???

Either ctrl ÷ right click or shift right click to bring up the menu on the item, there should be a option for “lock” thats what you want. Not the one that says “lock sort”


ctril + right click… i think, can’t tell, not playing

I AM LOCKING EVERYTHING xD I was just curious if a staff member could get it back. If not… I’ll have to try to get new chaos pants…again…and hone it…again… T__T

Honed gear cannot be dismantled - it even says so at the bottom of the tooltip for the items, this is the error you receive when attempting to dismantle a piece of gear that has any honing added to it.

Did you delete your gear and not want to say that’s what happened?

WUT… I don’t remember. I was on my alt for like 3 hrs so I assumed i dismantled it. But if I trashed it… that’s even worse…

Good luck at least you are not pantless :wink:

I’m logging back in and triple checking…I’ll let you guys know…

*edit after this long queue -___-

OMG IM AN IDIOT… I put it in Storage… I’m sorry for wasting all of yall’s time T___T I’m going to go sleep… I think I’ve played this game too long…

And I’m locking EVERYTHING. its ctrl + right click


So problem solved, can give yourself solution :slight_smile:

Is that how actually T3 for bard looks like or you’re using skins? Mind if you share a picture of the default T3 armor set, please? :slight_smile: I was looking over the internet to find an image but no luck <3

Its the armor you craft for the first part of T3 abyssal dungeon. I still haven’t got my 1370 set but yup :smiley: