Accidentally honed duplicate items

I have accidentally honed duplicates of chestpiece pants and gloves up to lvl 6. My friend made me realise the mistake I did. To me as a new player it was not clear that I am honing duplicates as I had over 10 pieces of gear in total and you dont hone accessories. There was no popup that I am honing a duplicate. Could you help me revert honing on bottom 3 items of the screenshot?

@Roxx @Standor

lmfao imagine tagging them for this BS

who else can help in this case? And how is it BS if I cannot progress together with my friends since I am stuck behind. It is like a week worth of materials.

i dont understand what that have to do with the game support. I mean, it was your mistake, it’s not like you’ve done it because of the server 10k queue or lag. Next time be more careful

Hi there, I hope you are doing great.

Apologies, we don’t have the option to revert those changes @Xaaya

Thank you everyone for your inputs, let’s keep them constructive please.

Have a great day and thank you for your understanding everyone.

Hi, that is extremely heartbreaking. Never in my post did I say it is not my fault so no idea why people feel the need to berate me. It was a human mistake, however like I said I was confused on how the system works, the servers were overloaded and every action had a delay. I was doing it automatically not thinking after sitting in a 17k queue for half a day.

This really demotivates me from playing as the crafting materials available are limited. Also, there is not a single reason why any player would hone 2 copies of the exact same equipment. Absolutely no scenario exists like this. Therefore, there should be a popup saying you are making a mistake or asking if you are sure you want to hone another chestpiece f.e. There is nothing in place, but still it was a human mistake mostly.

What I don’t understand is how GM’s do not have the option to manipulate in-game items? Isn’t that exactly what GM’s are empowered to do? I had a similar issue in WOW and it got solved immediately. You can just delete these 3 items and assign corresponding materials to my account. I have no idea why it would not be an option. That sounds heavily disappointing. Once again, please have a look at how the system works, how there is no possibility you would want to hone duplicates and there is not a single mechanic blocking you from doing it or asking you if that is what you want to do. Remember I am not manipulating any % chances to hone as first levels are 100% and it is just a stupid mistake. Frustrating and sad.