Accidentally transfered over gear I didn't intend on


My server is Kharmine NA East

Character name is: Çrït

While looking at legendary gear, I crafted two pieces to replace my chest and legs. I crafted the Corvetous Whisper gear and replaced the Preordained Diligence gear set.

This was a huge mistake as I completely misread the set bonuses. I have only one character and it’s at 1455. I play the game a lot and feel like I’ve totally ruined it with only myself to blame, but was wondering if this mistake could be reverted.

It’ll take two weeks just to get back 24 Argos blood to recraft those pieces.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I feel I’m at a total loss.

Hello @Crit84,

I’m very sorry to hear about this situation.

Situations like this are very frustrating and It can certainly happen to anyone, unfortunately we are not able to reverse these kind of situations.

Apart from this have a nice day! :sparkles:

if u dismantle the gear before honing transferring it u can salvage it for the gear mats back… youll cost yourself some gold but you can recraft it by dismantling the one u miscrafted

Yeah, that’s kind of what I expected but figured I’d give it a shot just in case. Is there any chance to obtain even 4 Argos blood so I can recraft the items myself this Thursday?

Wouldn’t Iose the pieces all together if I did that? I’d have nothing of honing level to transfer to.

If u craft a piece of abyss gear and the quality comes out bad or in ur case u craft the wrong one u can dismantle it for the argos blood back that it costed to craft it. You will be out the gold it costed to craft it though. If you transferred it into your honed gear instantly then u gotta wait til next week to get the correct set.