Accidently deleted, character with daily reward and twitch drops

I just started playing and I’m really enjoying the game so far, but I made a mistake. I’ve claimed the Saphia Pet Chest, Arkesia Paper Hat Chest (twitch drops) and the first daily reward on a character that I ended up deleting. I totally forgot about them. Is there any way for me to get the items on the new character or get the old character back? Character name was Lisandromrt on Slen (eu).

Sorry for the hassle and thanks in advance!

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Hello @LisandroMRT ! Hope you are doing great today! :dragon:

Thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve accidentally deleted your character, gladly I’m able to help!

Can you please let me know the level of the deleted character?

Appreciate the answer! :grinning:

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i did just creat right and i saw something was off and insta deleted i didnt even finish prolog but on the main caracter i use now the pet caled mario a dark pet shows to change skils and etc of his but i cant use him at all because he was deleted with the other caracter “again didnt even finish prolog”
so lvl 0?

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Hello @LisandroMRT ! Hope you are well!

I see, can you please tell me which kind of class was your character?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello i lost all my twitch drops :’( today after patch release my class is berserker can you help me?

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sure sec… martial artist (male)

see i have him but because i deleted my other caracter cant use him have a great day hope u can do something about it

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Hey there @LisandroMRT !

For sure I can help! :slight_smile:

Can you please log out of the game so I can complete the restoration on my end?

Please let me know when you are offline!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @iedeiede31 ! Hope you are doing great today! :mage:

Welcome and thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

I’m sorry to hear that you accidentally deleted your character, for sure I can help out!

Can you please let me know the region where the character is located, name, class, level and if it’s a female or male?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

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Char name : Crohnyc
Server : (Central Europe) Calvasus
Class : Berserker male lvl 50

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i am off the game sorry didnt know thx

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Hello @LisandroMRT !

Thanks! You should be able to see your character back into your game!

Please let me know if everything is correct!

Hope this can help you out! Take care!

See you in Arkesia!:crossed_swords:

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Hey there! @iedeiede31 !

Thank you for the fast response! :slight_smile:

I was checking here and I see that your character doesn’t appear as deleted. Can you please provide me further detail into your issue? As I see you deleted the previous post!

Thanks in advance! :nerd_face:

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can i put my pet from that recover acount to the main one? and ty by the way sir alot!

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Sorry my bad, ihavent deletede my char :smiley:
I did not claim any of my twitch drops I want to change server then claim them but after the patch i lost every thing !!

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Hi there again @LisandroMRT :grin:

My pleasure to help you out today!

Regarding your pet, characters that are created on the same server share the same pets, if you press alt+P you should be able to see your pet on the main one.

If you have any other questions please let me know!

Have a great one! :woman_mage:

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ty very much mambasser great lost ark has nice people has you have a great day and year <3

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Can you help me pls ?

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Hello again @iedeiede31 !

Sorry for the delay!

Just to make sure, you haven’t redeemed your twitch drops, but the items on your character inventory got lost after the patch?

Thanks in advance for the response! :herb:

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Yes my product inventory is empty!!

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Hello there @iedeiede31 !

Thank you for the swift response here! :herb:

Have you tried restarting the game and verifying the steam game files?

Or if you have tried any other possible troubleshooting please let me know!

Thanks for the answer!:slight_smile: