Accidently deleted

when trying to delete a character, i deleted the wrong one is there any change i might be able to restore them my roster main is sávra, the deleted character was verronile summoner and ilevel 1302 this just happened a little bit ago , i play NAE azena server

Hello @Vrilyra.

I checked your account and there’s a level 10 summoner named Verronelle, if that’s the character you want to recover let me know.

Also, I need you to close the game so I can work on your account.

I’ll be pending on your reply.

i see, if she was level 10 itll be no issue, i had thought she was higher after she was gone sense i wasnt paying attention, so i freaked out. i should have no problem making a new one, ty for the response.

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Absolutely. That’s why I mentioned the level. :wink:

If you need anything else, reach out to us anytime. Stay safe! :smiley:

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