Accidently deleted the event quest

I can do it on other characters but is there a way to get it back on my main?

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In order to better understand your issue I woul like to know wich is the name of the quest and wich event is the one you accidently deleted.
Please provide a brief description of the situation and also include the name and server of the character that delete the quest.

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I don’t have it anymore. Its the event on Maharaka. The only thing I see under completed on my alt that can do it is A Sunset Memory but I’m not sure thats it.

Hey @jumprun4112

Do you remember the name of the quest that you deleted?


Searching the Lost Ark wiki quest database, I believe it was “[Event] Welcome to Maharaka!”

Hey @jumprun4112

Excuse me for the delay in the answer. Currently this quest is only obtainable one time per rooster if you have complete it already can not be re done by other characters.

If you are missing the quest it will be wise to check on the NPC “Maharaka Promotion Manager” located on Millitary District on Vern Castle at the left of the map same place as the Cube and Tower entrances.

I can check the current progress on your quest and help you for next steps just let me know your character name and server!

I’ll be around hero!