Accidently Destroyed Powerful Stone of Birth

So, I was gambling my pirate coins for stones over at Peyto… and I accidently destroyed 2 of the stones I bought.

I think due to the fact that your stones get tossed onto the ground when you click on them, for some reason I felt like I could just drag them from my inventory onto the ground and have the same thing happen . . . Nope.

No warning, just … poof … gone.

Who decided to not warn players when they were about to destroy something >:(?

I’m pretty sure the message that pops up says “Destroy this item?” then you can choose ok or cancel. You’ll probably be dismantling more stones than you can handle after running dungeons for a bit so unless they were some ungodly rng defying god stones you’ll be fine.

No message popped up.

Go to Peyto, buy a stone with pirate coins, don’t identify it, just drag it from your inventory to the ground.

Wouldn’t even allow me to drop it while in the exchange screen with the dude.

I must have done it by habit then lmao

Hello @betas

Welcome to the forums hope you are doing great!

I really apologize for this inconvenience. I understand stones are particulary usefull for our characters and it would no be a pleasure to lost one.
Actually the game is set to avoid any not desired actions with the items we have on our inventory. Definitely @Copium has tested and i did my self also and the warning is working properly.

If you think this is due to a bug with the game that is afecting your experience in specific please contac us to take the necessaty actions on your case.

Hope this helps.
Keeo gaming Heroes!