Accidently used story pass on powerpass char


I accidently used story pass on new artist and thought it was the powerpass.
Later, I found out that powerpass was the one that I am looking for, so I used it on the Artist.
Now I tried to use story pass to other character but it is telling me it is linked to artist which I can’t get any rewards from.

Is there any way I can get help with this?

Hello @ssai1992, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to read that your Story Express and the powerpass were used on your new Artist, unfortunately the Story Express can only be assigned to one character and it is currently not possible to revert the usage of a powerpass.

Please keep an eye on the Official News section here in the forums in case there is a change regarding this matter.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with, have a good day in Arkesia