Account already logged in

I got stuck in a loading screen after a guardian raid. I exited the game and tried to login, my account is now saying I am already logged in and may suffer temporary punishment. Please fix this . I just want to play your game but the bugs are holding a lot of people back.


I also was just doing this and i got disconnected, then I GOT A 10 MIN BAN BEACUSE I TRIED TO LOG IN? like wtf man

I was on Una on the east

Una server. I was attempting a chaos dunegon and it wouldnt connect. Shortly after I got an error and now it says someone is logged in. Now i cannot log in

I just had the same thing happen to me, except I had logged off to go get lunch. I go to log back in and it times me out. I restart the client to try again and I’m met with the same message as you. That the account was logged in and attempts to be logged in multiple time may result in temporary account restriction.

Also Una server

Same went to do Chaos and nothing restarted the game said already logged in, waited about 5 minutes tried to log back in and again stuck on loading screen.

UNA server said error logging into game and shut down.

After the error I tried logging back in and it again said logged in already.

Done for a while server is on a break I guess.

Just happened to me as well. D/c’ed randomly, tried to log back in and got an error message. The second attempt to log in I received a 10 minute ban for trying to log in while the account is already logged in it claims.

Also Una, US East.

Una server

Me and my wife got disconnected while doing Argos p3,can’t log back in due to the account already logged in.Then stuck on loading. RIP

I just wanna say thank you all for not being toxic. Love you from a brother on Una

No loots and lost the ticket