Account banned?!

I started this game 2 days ago and I bought the Silver Founder’s package. After the first 50 minutes of game time and I thought those Wolf skins were very nice, so I tried to refund my current DLC and purchase a better DLC on Steam, which it failed to refund because the one I bought has already been used. So when I log back in I noticed that another DLC package re-appeared in my mail box once again, which I knew it was a bug and I even kept it in my mail. Until today, after playing for 20+ hours, I was suddenly banned for Code of Coduct. Tell me how is it the player’s problem if that’s the bug from the game itself even if players didn’t try to get an advantage from it.

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I know how it feels, I experienced the same problem except I got a duplicate platinum box not realizing it was a bug and opened it.

They said they weren’t going to be banning for this kind of issue too Twitch pack dupe - #2 by Roxx, I’m just finding out about this myself.

If I had known I wouldn’t have opened it, but it seems like that might not have even mattered if you got banned with it still in your mail.

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If you’re affected by this, post here so it gets the attention it needs:

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Just got banned now. Now trying to relog with 10K queue times. This is great!

I believe the team was escalating in banning bots and some accounts were caught up in it, letting them know right now.

Thanks! i was one too.
server Akkan.
Main, JuhBanks

Same here. Just got banned for no reason.

Do not trust them 100% please investigate each case

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Actual accounts shouldn’t be banned at this time, just kicked

A friend of mine got banned out of nowhere, got banned about 24 days ago. And then, his laptop charger broke. Is there some other way he can approach the team to verify his account for unbanning?

Thanks in advance for your time.