Account Boosting


So like the Title tells you its about Boosting.

I totally understand you can boost people if they pay you in-game Currency ( Gold )
what me concerns and kind of “Triggers” is following.

Me: Normal Player doing my Dailys/Weeklys/Events and have to Work my … off to gain mats or any kind of Progress in positive direction.

Others: Maybe not Everone does it to improve their income and progress but some sell carrys ( velganos / Argos / valtan NM i dont care if its legal. BUT… There is also People who do Massive Boosting via Account Sharing.

And now we come to the Crazy part what i seriously dont “Understand” @Roxx maybe you can explain this to me or us: but why are Streamer who doesnt even hide it are still able to play the game ?

He does it not once or twice no he is massivly logging in into other people account and clear the raids for them.

im also not hater i just checked some people out and gathered some infos the couple week.

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Account sharing is against TOS. Good day, sir.

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Yes exacly! thats why im shocked that a Streamer can get away with it that easy.

i totally agree mate , we need a little boost for doing this legion raid dungeons , like so far the daily or those 2 days on weekend gifts is totally nothing for f2p to keep up with the usage of the legion raid resources regarding those fails when u do it with random , and not experienced ppl , i wish they give a real help from daily login and event that really keep u in good shape instead of wasting most of gold on potion craft or resources , plus the gold from legion raid compared to the pain we see is little i think … they should boost many things :smiley: .

Account sharing is extremely hard to detect nowadays. Also, if no one reports them, nothing will happen. AGS doesn’t watch streams, so what you can do is report it to AGS and they can look at it.

@SuchtiRS i mean yes true… but i guess if youre one of the biggest streamer his category ( German ) then it shouldnt be hard to get tracked by amazon at all cuz its still their server and their plattform were he works basicly. “LOL”

In the TOS, boosting is forbidden in the french version. It says you can’t exchange gold for a service in game or in real life.

It is not account boosting if you do not recieve anything in exchange.
In this specific case, he never asked or got any Gold etc. for helping ppl out.

but ToS says also : Account Sharing is not allowed.

there is no boosting if they do it for free coz the guys dont have time to do the weekly Valtan…
its kind of pathetic to make such claims without evidences.

there are other problems in game than this bs.


Yup, exactly my thoughts

They don’t have employees watching streams in the hopes of catching someone who is breaking the rules. Report him via ticket and AGS can take care of it.

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Its OK if streamers do it, they are basically amazon employees

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i guess yeah, but like imo even if they do it for free its for me as a person who respects any kind of rules no matter how dumb or strict they are not fair at all.

Like no offense if its normal and not harming others so why cant we do it then in other games with the same rule in ToS? and saying its hard to track is a hugeeee lie you can easy track Accounts/Ip’s/id’s and timestomp in logs etc :slight_smile:

I’m sometimes wondering why people are so bothered what are other people doing…

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That Streamer you linked in your post doesn’t get any ingame gold or real money. He does it to help his community and he also explain the whole raid while hes doing it. Sometimes he even uses his own gold to buy the guys acc and helping them out to progress their chars when they strugle. I know him since long time and his only intention is to help his community in raiding and progressing and having a good time streaming. I hope you guys dont get him wrong and he dont get a ban, bec hes a realy good guy helping the community a lot! :+1:


Cause some people that Exist love the game and want to have a Healthy region were they play in?
Like i cant change people to get mad or toxic but i can help to give feedback regardless if the other person is a cheater/botter/RMT buyer or etc etc u get me?

example: lets say we have Korean Rules like : you have to login via ID Number so? we couldnt do as much as we do now since were easier to get caught.

since we dont have that rule in NA/EU cuz i just wont work. you can do more stuff and maybe get away with it.

How do you suffer because some Andy gets his acc boosted by a streamer?

Maybe instruct him that he shouldn’t be doing it as it’s against this instead of running to forums and going on a rant.

If they pay him real cash that might be a different story but still it’s not like it’s RMT… Or bottling.

I don’t see a problem if he’s carrying people.

Now if he is actively logging into other people accounts and playing the game for them, then it’s a bannable offense and he should probably stop doing it or he may end up actually harming his community (and himself).

Wanting to help his community or having good intentions doesn’t supersede the games rules.

I personally don’t care even if he’s account sharing. But he can end up getting himself and others banned regardless of his good intentions.

How it Effects me? Basicly by running raids without a Static :slight_smile:

when i open a lobby with ( Reclear pls 2 relic set pieces )

you will also have boosted people cuz they get their relic faster