Account Falsely Perm Banned For Cheating

This is outrageous, my sister arrived from work yesterday and when she went to log in her account was apparently banned for cheating, my sister who has never played an mmo in her life has never used any kind of hack or cheater and doesn’t even know how to configure a chromecast, she tried the ban appeal but apparently the ban was fair according to amazon judges and now she can’t even get an answer to try to prove that in fact she never used anything like that. Sorry for the grammar but English is not my first language and even though the game has an SA server or a support in Portuguese they do.


Eles banem á toa bro, eu tenho 1300 horas de jogo e levei ban a toa, nem sequer tava online. Acordei e tava banned, e nao me respondem…

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It’s unbelievable man, I just don’t know what proof anyone can possibly send in to prove their innocence for a cheating accusation. Whether it be New World or Lost Ark AGS has had by far the WORST customer support I have experienced in ANY game, not just an mmo. I’m trying to help him any way I can but it’s looking like his 1000+ hours and dollars invested into the game might go to waste. Keep me updated on if any method ends up working because clearly sending tickets in does NOT work.

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Ok so they replied to me. On the 1st reply, i was perma banned for cheating. On the 2nd, 6 months banned for cheating. On the 3rd one, no reply, and now im banned for “Disruptive Behaviour” but they still dont tell me waht ive done.

They dont even know what im banned for therefore dont lift my ban. I sent them my DxDiag like someone form live chat suggested and nothing. I sent them my youtube channel with dozens of guides ive done and random lost ark stuff. they didnt care.

I dont even write in chat LOL the only think i can think of was that i disconnected on a vykas p3, and people might have gotten mad and repported me, but cant AGS check the chat logs and see that i have not said anything offensive??? What the hell this is so frustrating…

Creating another account would be unbearably painful, 1300 hours of my life lost on this, and they dont even dignify me with an answer as to what ive done so bad that deserves a permanent ban. There are some regular words on the portuguese dictionary that are “censored” with ***** in chat. I’ve seen it before. Did they mistake me saying something that got filtered out as offensive language? Still makes no sense and i dont recall saying anything that got filtered… What the hell is going on???


wtf… I thought u were banned for cheating but they changed it…??

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I appreciate you trying but none of this makes the situation any better.

There’s nothing else to say here that @fishfang hasn’t already said other than I’m personally done spending money in this game. Way too risky when people are getting falsely banned with zero recourse.

Big sad - these are the types of actions that kill an MMO.


Yup they really just dont care at all. No apology or any form of compensation.

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