Account storage idea!

I don’t know if I am posting this on the right category but I will post it here and admins can put it where it goes.

How hard it would be to create a region wide storage (same as the roster storage but region wide) and maybe in the future a cross region as well that is bound to the account and people can transfer their powerpasses per say so they don’t have to lose time again lvling up toons?

I understand that there would be an issue with roster LVL so you could also have an item that indicates your roster LVL every time you roster lvl up per say comes in your ingame mail as claimable and usable (doesn’t have to be exact number of roster exp, just the LVL) .

When you use your powerpass on the other server you can also use that “stone” and get the indicated roster level in that server. Now, you could allow powerpass and roster exp once for free , we can’t be greedy. Then you can add those as items in the store, store reads your roster LVL and has a stone you can buy that the same level as your roster. Same goes with the powerpass.

The function that allows you to transfer items through the “account storage” should be only available maybe once a day or so to avoid other problems.

I know that there are a lot more variables too but it is just an idea after all.