Account transfer

Hello, dear support. Does exist any possible way to move my account data from russian servers ( into steam supported? I was living in Belarus and a year ago I have moved into Finland. That makes impossible for me to access my old account.

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You might have better luck contacting Amazon Support themselves and explaining your situation as that sounds like it might be a task that they should handle.

Greetings @Denaross

Thank you very much for bringing up your current problem to the table and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Unfortunately I would have to refer you to contact Steam Support due to the fact that is their platform and unluckily we do not have control over it.

In this case I’ll have you to contact steam instead: Steam Support

Persistence is key, regards,

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Thank you for the reply. I already contacted Amazon support and it looks like it is not possible to move my progress between those two different accounts. You can close the topic. Have a good time.

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