Account Trust Status Issue!

I am playing Lost Ark since the day of it`s release. I have 3 Characters in T3 and 1 in T2. Whenever I try to trade or even send items in mail to my ALTs, game gives me error that due to account restrictions you cannot do that until you have trusted status. I contacted steam and they confirmed that there is no issue with my account and no restriction is there. I contacted AGS for that and they say I need to contact steam, if they say its ok then give it some time to get resolved…
Anybody who is able to fix this issue?

Greetings @NaughtyDescent!

I’m sorry you’re having issues with the trusted status of your Steam account.

The trusted status is a system implemented and offered by Steam to prevent the appearance of bots in Lost Ark, please read Bot Prevention System | Lost Ark for more information on this.

Regarding the status, please know that Steam considers an account “Trusted” after having made a transaction of at least $5 USD. (Regardless of the currency in which the transaction was processed, the amount is converted to USD).

The amount of a purchase only counts towards this limit if it has been successfully processed. If a purchase is pending or being processed or if our system is waiting to confirm the payment with your bank, the amount of the purchase will not count towards this limit.

Afterwards meeting the requirements, it can take up to 30 days in order to become trusted by Steam.

You can find more information about the requirements in order to have an account as trusted:

Limited User Accounts | Steam

Here’s the link to Steam’s contact if needed:

Steam Support

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I have already made transaction of $5 and it has already been a month. in fact 10 days above 30 days. I have done everything That is why Steam support says there is no issue regarding limitation of my account.
The issue is that account is still under limitation only in Lost Ark.

Thanks for your reply.

If you’ve met all the requirements and still no changes have been made to your account, you’ll have to explain the situation very well to Steam, since as stated through the forum and the link provided, they’re the ones who validate their own Steam accounts as “trusted”, since it’s a process they’re in charge of, and we only implemented it into Lost Ark.

If a Steam account is not trusted by their end, it won’t work as a trusted account in Lost Ark, since Lost Ark works with Steam accounts only.

You can ask for proof of evidence of your account being “correct” from their end. If it’s not correct, they can help you with telling you what requirements are missing (if there’s any) or how much time more you’d have to wait for the process to be completed and for your account to become trusted.

Here’s the link to Steam’s contact:

Steam Support

We appreciate your patience. Have a nice one!

Character Name: Sandmsy
Region: NA West
Server: Valtan
Character lvl: 56
Gear Score:1401
I have four T3 and one T2, but I recently tried to send equipment to my trumpet and found that the account is not trusted. I have played this game for nearly 800 hours. I love this game, but this problem bothers me and I can’t trade with my friends,In addition, my Steam account has been used for five years, which is not the reason why I haven’t spent money

Hi @Sandmsy!

I’m sorry you’re having the same issue. Please know that having a trusted status for the community market is not referring to Lost Ark’s in-game trading system, instead, it’s talking about the market of Steam.

Please refer to the other posts I’ve created in order to investigate this issue and achieve the trusted status of your Steam account:

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My account was hacked four years ago, so I have a vac ban on my account, is that the reason, but I don’t want to give up my account, I have hundreds of games here, and I also love to play Lost Ark, so I can’t use th

e game’s trade feature? I can’t trade with friends or trade crystals for gold

You don`t need to give up your account… This issue is with hundreds or players (just not bots). Bots are transferring things no problem.

Thanks, I’ve been playing for almost 800 hours, I don’t want to have to do it all over again because I can’t trade with my friends, that would be very terrible

I played the same time. Unfortunately either they are unable to fix this issue or they don`t want to focus on this matter yet.

My account is ready to trade, which is awesome!!good luck too

How did you manage to get it?
Can you guide please?

I try to email my friends every day I go online, until yesterday I found out that it was successfully sent, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the pass I bought in the game last week