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Hi, my steam and lost ark are new account, and so is untrusted account. In order to activate lost ark trusted, i enabled 2FA aka steam guard on steam platform and also remove the limited restriction on steam account by putting money into steam. Now that my steam is no more a limited account and 2FA are enabled also. However when u open lost ark and try to buy something from the auction house im still decline by untrusted issue. How do i make my account trusted?

You have to buy royal crystals I guess.

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I apologize you’re having issues with Account Restrictions.

In order to make your account trusted you will need to have performed a purchase(s) for at least $5, where sometimes Steam will require a period of 30 days to have passed from the date of the purchase. You will also need to set up the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator specifically for this status update to take place.
How to set up Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator
Please note it may still take several hours for your account to become ‘Trusted’ after activating two-factor mobile authentication for the first time and up 30 days depending on Steam’s clear time.

This is part of a security measure that is in place to combat bots and of which you can further read about here:

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