Achates is completetly overtuned!

It is incredible hopeless and you cant do anything about that boss. It is too overtuned, too fast with his abilities you cant dodge. It needs to adjust better and make it right which it is not right how it supposed to be. It is fail design! i am not going to touch Achates until you improved it!

Wasn’t he just nerfed subsantially?

What I have heard he should be nerfed, but I dont think so. I did try out him once and now today, it is just hopeless and unplayable against Achates.

He is actually easier to kill than before
His shield is easy to break because he always spawn 4 status instead of 1 or 2 like before
His wings also break easily with destruction bomb or weak point skill.
As long as you able to break his shield and wings then he is while easy to deal with.

Given myself and others are in T3 I wouldn’t say it is hopeless and unplayable. Clearly people have killed him before the nerfs and after. Was he a pain? Yep. Did I do him in matchmaking? God no. Tytalos and Achates were the first two guardians that forced me to find a group to do them in. Which honestly given they are “gate-keeper” like Guardians that’s somewhat understandable.

Which mechanics specifically are you having issues with? If you aren’t touching him until they improve him, which they’ve already done once. I guess you aren’t getting to the new tier of guardians then until you out-gear it and go back and face roll him?

Achates needs a party who knows the fight. People have to cleanse the debuff if they get it, do the red/blue curses, and of course break the shield. I did it in matchmaking but it took me four or five parties until I found a group who knew the fight. Dodging isn’t too bad once you know the patterns and he doesn’t do that much damage, unless he enrages and then it gets quite challenging to stay alive.

Killed him before and after the nerfs. Doesn’t seem like a problem fight to me. Who knows maybe I got lucky with a party that new the 1-shot mechanic, but the fight does not come to mind when I think of difficult fights. Tytalos and later on Velganos were memorably difficult fights (until I realized Velganos is a million times easier solo).

I did him many times with matchmaking. I’ve never had any problem. His mechanic is pretty clear. If you want nerf after only 2 tries then you need to think to leave the game. High end game content is a lot harder then any of the guardians.

I also matchmade into Tytalos both before and after the nerf. In its release state the fight was difficult but manageable if your group played well. Now the fight is not very difficult at all. Almost every matchmade group I ran it with after the nerf was able to clear it with few or no deaths. Tytalos, and guardians in general, rewards you for taking some time to learn attack patterns and adjust accordingly. You can’t just walk in taking attacks face-first and expect to find success.

You cant compare Tytalos and Achates. Achates is much harder.