Achates is in the wrong tier

There is almost no way this guardian is designed for a 920 tier.

This boss is way over tuned. It has AOE spams, a DoT spam, healing debuff, gimmick based mechanic with the item toss, draw in + AOE + knock back balls, Wings that requires destroying - but regrows back, huge HP pool, flies around.

How are you expecting a short range melee martial artists to even get in to do damage without losing 80% of your HP for just trying to get in close?? The spams/flies every few seconds also makes it difficult to stand in range.

This boss SHOULD not have that much HP pool if you want to shove in every possible gimmick into a boss. WHY the F does he even need a healing debuff?!

T3 is a joke where you can face tank every thing, but this T2 boss at 920 basically not do-able consistently at the average level. Hell even Tytalos is more reasonable with less gimmick, as much as I hate him (mostly due to needing everyone in party to know how to do its buggy ass tornado mechanic)

FFS Amazon/Smilegate - tune this guy down or swap him to end game T3

Achates is already nerfed since our western release.
For sure it is harder than others up till that point of the guardians.
But it is do-able - did it on main before the nerfs and have been 1 -shotting it on my alts as well afterwards (after the nerfs).

Just read a guide or watch a video about the mechanics/boss fight, that should help with the fight a lot. - The mechanics and attacks.
Also if you are having trouble with the fight as melee, I recommend you check some guides for your specific class - skills, rotations, playstyle, engravings etc.
All mentioned plays a huge part in this game and can dictate your outcome of the fights easily.

Good luck and hope you can get the kill soon!

It has the lowest hp pool of the 4 guardians in that tier.
The 4th guardian in the tier is always extremely difficult and complicated mechanically, so its difficult to pug.
This trend only continues
Personally I did it once for the first clear and just settled for 880. Not worth the work lol

Edit: Tier 3 does not face tank everything by the way (I have a 1370 and a 1340)
The guardians there will 2-shot you, even 1 shot and the hard abyss raids will straight up 1 hit KO you.

T3 guardian is basically face tank for me, have a 1340 and its just straight up beat em up.
Abyssal is more sensible than this guardian, for its cheap ass mechanics the HP pool is disproportionate - you literally have to rip its wings out more than once as that crap grows back. IMO if you want to make this gimmicky type of guardian, then make it move around way less, and spam way less. Its not hard to deal with all that if the frequency of it happening isn’t literally every 0.5-1 secs. Its like fighting a guardian with ADHD

You are probably not face tanking Igrexion, let’s be honest.

actually that was my strategy with Igrexion as a paladin. well not technically face tanking but if I timed all my shields/awakening/aura. I literally just stick to his sides and go for the frontal attacks when holysword and execute sword when on cool down. Shield with purified makes his slow stack worthless. So ya I can’t do that against Achates since that POS has ADHD and cannot stay put

It’s pretty easy if you don’t get matched with monkeys. One destruction grenade can break both wings. We failed to break his wings 3 times the first kill I got so he clearly isn’t that hard.

Maybe get better at dodging and bring panaceas?

Nah, that’s ok. I’d rather this game not become Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Well makes sense. You are a paladin, that class with the proper engravings like never die

My gunslinger loses half her hp bar on an aoe hit

Achates is crazy easy post-nerf. Simplified its patterns and made the shapes mechanic always do the easiest version. Take some time to learn its moves and you’ll do fine.

I would love to see you facetank Velganos in T3 :slight_smile:

you are comparing the second tier 3 guardian to the 4th tier 2. The 4th guardian is always hard, while the other 3 are easy for every tier. The 1385 guardian is supposed to be the hardest guardian in the game.

haven’t gotten that far yet, saving as much honing stuff as I can and going to do it all at once so I can hopefully get some gear score improvements… as i heard honing rate are dog doodoo past 1340. I am no expecting to face tank everything, but heck the number of mechanic require.

It is highly recommended to do the mechanics correctly especially the breaking shield and breaking it’s wings. If you unable to do those, the boss becomes enraged and stronger making the fight way harder. Therefore, if any of these situation is screwed up, i recommend just restarting the run or get new teammates.

Damn, I misread this as “Maybe get better at dodging and bring pancreas?”. :joy:

I face-tank T3 guardians and spam abilities they are easy af LOL T2 even T1 was much more difficult.

Tier placement doesn’t matter so much as roster placement. Fighting a boss at iLevel, any 4th slot boss will be more difficult than the first slot boss.

You’re essentially just asking them to change the fight, which is a fine opinion. Personally, I thought it was extremely simple after you know how to do the one mechanic. I mean, if you can’t do that fail mechanic, I have no clue how the fail mechanic in abyssal dungeons would be cleared that are at the same content level.

Edit: I do want to add that it is a fact T1/2 guardian hp pools are overturned immensely compared to T3. I think you’d find this fight much simpler if it didn’t last as long. It’s progressingly more difficult and stressful to correctly do mechanics for a longer period of time without mistakes. I feel the simple fix for this would be to reduce all these guardians hp pools. There’s no reason to force a group to fight 15 minutes when T3 guardians are, usually, cleared in 5.

Dont put him in T3 im glad im past that acatameow lol super hard but rewarding once you get all his mechanics down, the only one i dont like is the curse.