Achates nerf Didn't happen

Well whatever you were planning to do simply didn’t happen. Still Evil still OP still needs sorting

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Your answer:


  • Modified Guardian Achates summon statue pattern to always summon four Guardian Statues.
  • Decreased the damage required to apply Weak Point to Achates.
  • To keep Achates challenging in Trial Guardian Raids, that encounter will not have these changes – but more on that in a future update!

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I’m probably dumb, but please have patience, if I got it right, these changes will happen but not know so they can keep achates challenging right?

My understanding was / is that the mentioned changes are not applied in this patch but will come in the future.

EDIT: If moderators or the Lost Ark team could clarify that then it would be appreciated.

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He has already been nerfed - that additional note is referring to challenge mode Guardian raids which is unlocked later that allows you to go back and re-fight these bosses with set gear so you can’t overpower bosses with ilevel


That’s what I’m thinking, but I wasn’t sure if I was right

Well, I hope @LostArk does something here I have spent 3 days on this guy and nothing. Which at this point is holding up a multitude of the player base as far as progression. I understand Amazon has to hone their skill base regarding moderating games but this is getting to be poor form on their end.

Pls Nerf this Achates , this monster got to many mechanics for this lowlvl and he is stronger as highlvl monster , realy dont know who programing this boss but i think he wahs drunk !!!