Achievement Reward Cards

I’ve completed both Karta and Protected by the Last Giant but do not have the cards. I also am skeptical that I received the other Trixion cards but at least have them from other sources, so I cannot confirm. Please let me know how I am supposed to get Karta and Ortuus from the achievements that I have already completed.

Hey there! Could I get a screenshot of your card catalog? Could it be that it’s full?

Looking forward to assisting you :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to send you a screenshot, but the achievements were earned months ago, so I don’t think it will be dispositive.

  1. have you checked the Guides > Universal Storage in main menu, the place where you need to claim all the achievement cards?
  2. are you sure you’ve done achievements at full and not just part of them (like 5/50 milestone)

It was in the universal storage. Thank you!

I’m sorry for the late reply, I’m happy you were able to find the missing cards. I will mark this thread as “Solved”.

Thank you @Elenoe for extending a helping hand! :slightly_smiling_face: