Active GM's like other games?

Can we get Active GM’s to ban these bots and gold spammers like other games?? AGS did not learn anything from New World. They need to implement GM’s to watch over the starting zones to permaban BOTS. blocking VPN didn’t do shit.
Shit ill volunteer to be a GM and ban these bots.

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If the GMs are anything like the forum entities, every player will be banned for saying “hello, how are you?”

Look, AGS is just a small indie company with not many resources left to spend on in-game GMs. It’s all hands on deck to count all the pennies they have earned to ensure Daddy Bezos does not get any less than what is rightfully his. Daddy Bezos is in dire need of more money for he has to save his Space Dildo company, why else would he file for a government bailout!