ACTIVELY cutting down the 1415 Pass to make the game worse?

Implementing the 1415 how it is in other regions would have been too easy. You guys know that they ACTIVELY CUT DOWN the comming pass so we get a worse version of the 1415 pass. Imagine that. They put Work and effort and payed working hours into that we can have a worse version. meanwhile RU and JP got a 1415 Pass few weeks after vykas (or Valtan i dont remember) Release. Hillarious. They know they can milk existing and new Players in our region to spend more money to get to 1415 and i did that and i dont regret it because i love the game but i told Yesterday my friend who quit at 1340 and he said He wont come Back cause it would Takes too mich grinding with Job and kids to Catch up.


i’m still glad we can get a new 1370 yoho, chaos and lopang slave :heart_eyes:


ye but jp and ru didnt get valtan and vykas within 4 months… they had more time to develop their characters… 1415 pass today would be mental with most peoples mains ilvls… get a grip.


The 1370 express pass and the 1415 express pass ARE TWO DIFFERENT EXPRESS PASSES.

The 1370 is not a cut down version. Korea got the 1370 before 1415 too, and it’s clear Smilezon wants NA/EU to follow more closely to that version than Russia or JP.


How to tell us you want to get 1415 for free while others earnt it without telling us.


Isn’t that the exact reason we should get a 1415 pass instead of a 1370? Our content release is faster and we don’t have as much time as they did to get to 1415 therefore we should get MORE help than they did?


average of mains seems to be 1430-1445 with few alts at 1370 if at all. gifting a 1415 alt here would be an insane gift doublĂ­ng most peoples valtans a week :stuck_out_tongue:

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And why is that a bad thing? People wanna do the Valtan? Let them do the Valtan as much as they want, that’s how you keep your playerbase growing.


obv id rather want a 1415 pass as well for an easy 5th valtan character… im just trying to explain the thought process behind this decision. its most likely not ags (who knows nothing about this game) decision but smilegate seeing the numbers of player population and ilvls and deciding this is the best course as far as they think.

People are just mad they didn’t get a free 1415 alt. The 1370 pass is fine for our pacing 5 months in.

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didnt jp get 1390 hyper express at valtan?

first of all they didn’t ACTIVELY cut down anything dude stay calm lmao
However, I do agree that it should have been a 1415 express event because just as data from kr showed LOA retained players and even grew with legion raids, so why wouldn’t u give the new players the opportunity to actually do legion raids instead of shit Argos
If the argument is to not invalidate other people’s effort to get their char to 1415+ it makes no sense because they also get another free 1415 and the large majority would most likely be happy about another Valtan raid per week because those are just ten times better than argos.
Also I’d assume most people who aren’t simply casuals (around which releases should never be balanced anyway) have a Main char at 1460+ easily by now

The grind doesn’t get better ? So he made a good choice by all mean if he value his time. You gonna tell me that this game doesn’t take time… then we playing two different game


Don’t forget that JP got stuck in T2 for months, and that RU did the full transition to Lost Ark 2.0 as well (basically stuck in T2 for even longer than JP actually).

Also they don’t get 50 legendary honing book for free every months.

But yeah, I’d definitely trade the 50 legendary honing book for a global honing buff and proper catch-up mechanism.


True, I am just pointing out that the closes treatment comparison we are gonna get is JP after all.
Just kind of bewilders me that they have way better treatment than us xD during valtan release.

What… Your logic is we should get less because we are going faster? Oh so you would be happy to be paid less for doing a job faster too then?

It makes no sense. All people want is at least what JP/RU had considering we have been moving faster with less materials. Both those versions had the global honing buff by now too…

Whether it’s 4-months or 1-year to get to Vykas, we should be treated with the same level of decency but instead we are getting scraps and told “at least you didn’t get worse”.


Reasoning with white knights is like convincing paint to dry faster, cut your losses and dodge this mental gymnast.

“But but but we’re not korea… japan, russia, etc”
“But but but they’re just the publishers”
“'But but but they never gave an official notice”

Yeah just keep on rolling that ball, it did great in regards to new world.


Comparing NA and it’s release schedule to anything with KR makes no sense at all. We are not the same servers, we are not bound to any sort of release schedule the same as KR originally did outside of “this is what is developed to come out next”

Nothing about the two servers are the same, so expecting our events/express passes/battle passes/Disney World passes to be anything aligned is folly.

They should have made it 1415, because honestly the game sucks until then and the 1370-1415 push is boring and annoying. However with the drop in material prices and the average player slowly building up material wealth, it isn’t that bad. It also is fairly early in our servers life cycle to catch up that quickly.

With that said:

All this Pass will do is eat up another roster spot (especially since the pass won’t remain until further class releases are available) as a lopang alt you don’t really care about and have no desire to push beyond, since you likely are already pushing the classes available you like past 1370 anyway.

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The game has been out for less than half a year, and there will be more passes and events in the future.