Actual Feedback / Suggestion on how to handle the Nerf backlash from experienced players


as you know, the recent nerf annauncement was not taken lightly by the experienced players.
Fair enough, since i also like a challenge, i feel the content is fine as is.

That said, i understand that it is offputting for new players.


  • add T1 and T2 “Hard” difficutly for Abyss dungeon (like T3 already has)
  • add “Hard” difficutly for all Guardian Raids

let the player choose the difficutly, in this case you can make new AND veteran players happy.


  • add a third difficulty to Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeon (all tiers) for the real veterans

Thank you for listening,

(support Pala, i need difficult group content)

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nobody gonna need support classes anymore after nerf, it will just be full damage and kill it before it does a mechanic


Adding ‘hard’ without an extra reward is pointless and doesn’t do anything.

Giving an extra reward for completing it on hard completely negates existence of the normal version.

i don’t think so.
and even so, latest in Legion Commander Raids supports will be mandatory. i am fine with that.

regarding the reward with a hard mode, yes and no.
if the concern is that people just can’t clear hard, but easy is fine… then new players should be happy.
Hard should just give a slightly better reward. because from my point of view, beating the challenge is the reward.

people who want them nerfed can’t do them on hard. If they could there would not be a nerf coming