Add 16:10 Aspect Ratio Support

Please add proper support for 16:10 Aspect Ratio without having the annoying black bars at the top and bottom.

You can use launch options to get rid of it, it will just br stretched res. Look it up.

I dont want a streched resolution and I didn’t find anything about the launch options you’ve mentioned.

If you dont want it stretch, u can have blackbars. It’s not a lost ark video. Any game support any custom resolution and any custom res not being your native will be stretch res.

Do you mind sharing the method you’re talking about? If not I guess I will have to stick to the black bars.

You just make a custom res that is 16:10 ratio on your gpu driver nvidia/amd. On the resolution scale choose full screen if you want stretch res, choose aspect ratio if u want the bars. Then in game the custom res will be available on video settings.
What it doesn’t show on the video is to turn on GPU scaling oOn, make sure you turn this on so you can get your monitor refresh rate and the color bit rate, if not it will downscale to having max of 165hz 8-bit color.