Add a QoL update that KR currently has which will help us out especially for legion raids

-Add a text to see who threw which grenades like KR currently do. Will make legion raids a whole lot smoother knowing whose not throwing nades as they are necessary to certain mechanics.


they won’t add dps meter but they have a grenade throwing indicator?

sounds like hypocrisy to me!


Yea would be nice to have idd. It is a important mechanic.

Is not important in LA.


cool i’ll just run around dodging things and never hitting the boss

Never saw someone doing that since people sitting on boss 24/7

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just saying, you think it’s not important. so i can easily demonstrate that it is

No because that is not reality. xD

“i haven’t seen it, therefore it doesn’t exist”


yea because people actually raid if they raid or is there a hidden MMR in the game which places you with bots?

i hope from here on out karma only ever groups you with lowest denominator “participator” teammates so you understand

because you deserve it for being flippant

Aight but I’m not flippant, I just understood the game.
Also: I never was playing with people at the same ilvl, like never ever. Even in our guild the ilvl is so divers in our static, same for pugs.

So, what says damage in an enviroment where so many variables are fluctuating? If you are 1490 you blame a 1470 for doing not enough damage?
Sorry dude but people should think twice if they want a DPS meter. It can lead into two directions. If you can handle the game properly there is no need for anything.

Be more selfconfident brotha.


let me ask you this. what is the difference in dps from a player playing the character CORRECTLY and someone playing their character wrong? ulting and missing, wrong spells selected, wrong tripods selected, etc?

what is the maximum differential in damage between someone who is good at the game and someone who is ass?

now tell me. if you brought 8 players who are ass, SHOULD YOU be able to clear a raid?

if you said yes then you desire a crappy game

Which game you are playing? I really start to believe you play with bots.
Just concentrate on your own gameplay and you won’t have any problems with raiding.

People know what they are doing, no matter in MM or in GF. Actually is LA one of the best pug experience I ever had. Besides of that I don’t understand why you are complaining about other player. The hard content in LA isn’t even released. You think vykas is hard? LOL

Not sure what you want to say with that.

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no one should have to carry dead weight teammates

in any game

“doesn’t happen to me, it doesn’t exist”


I’m pretty sure you are one of those players who needs to get carried.

Would I have a problem with that? nope.

Go for PvP where only your skill matters like Star Craft II or Overwatch or Counter Strike or what ever. You have the wrong spirit for that game.

nah that’s fine i’ve changed my mind. you don’t need a grenade indicator

i’ve never seen anyone not throw a grenade

why don’t you just focus on your own gameplay

true! you will never miss any nade at that point if you focus

mhmm and when the stagger check fails for the 50th time. just throw 51 grenades!

it doesn’t matter just keep doing it!

look at all the dead weight we carry irl, oh snap :scream:

Dps meter has it pros n cons very similar to the the qol i mentioned but all we can do rn is just respect the decisions Smilegates made and go with it. All im saying with this post, is add this QoL BECAUSE its in KR already.

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