Add alternatives to Infinite Chaos

Problem: T3 Infinite Chaos Dungeon is an incredibly efficient and rewarding activity in terms of gold cost of rewards compared to many other activities in the game. This leads to many people feeling compelled to farm this content (especially since other content isn’t really farmable), even though it gets quite old after a while.

Solution: Add the red shards from Infinite Chaos to other content. Likely at a lower efficiency than Infinite Chaos. This means that you can do many different activities to farm if you want.


  • Armored Nacrasena: 200 shards
  • Igrexion: 250 shards
  • Night Fox Yoho: 300 shards
  • Velganos: 600 shards
  • PvP match: 250 shards
  • Naruni Race: 400 shards