Add arathi basin and warsong gulch

call them arathisong gulch and war basin, ez clap.

compromise: make co-ops available 24/7.


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Bg mode would be dope. I guess it was a dream but I thought I saw a video of this mode existing in Korea. Maybe it was guild v guild.

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yea i think there is larger guild pvp or something but guilds suck and gear isnt normalized.

larger scale co-op would be a dream tho :heart_eyes: player amount and map scale wise.



They encourage multiboxers

well guild pvp is already gunna be a thing soooo. same shit, better mode.

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I want this so very much. It wouldn’t be hard to do. They already have a good thing going with the co op battle. This would just be taking it to the next level.

Please add base capture and flag cap mode @Roxx


except GvG you need to grind fuckton of pve because gear matters

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yea i mentioned that above.


This is really cool for sure but it’s not like capture the flag or base capture. That’s tower defense and killing jungle bosses like dragon and baron.

The west likely won’t see this moba mode for a very very long time I imagine. Is it even out in KR yet?

im hoping if it takes off it will see these modes like other mobas experiment with.

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