Add Auto Decline To Mail RE: Gold Sellers

I think its time to discuss updating the social systems a bit more. Something that allows us to restrict mail from anyone not on our roster/friends list.

Similar communication tools already exists for auto-declining guild requests, etc. I can’t imagine this would be tough to implement and would at least get rid of the annoying gold seller bot spam in mailboxes

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Or just disable post services outside of your friendlist.

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Or just do something about the bots in general

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You can only mitigate bots in a f2p game. Requires constant work to keep their numbers low. So don’t ever hope for a botless game

Then get rid of EAC since its a cause of so many issues if this is the stance they are taking

Instead we get the best of both worlds

its not really the “stance they are taking” its the reality of the situation with f2p games. EAC does more than just bot mitigation, but that fight will always be an uphill battle.

That being said the recent EAC issues arent acceptable, but I think thats in part due to AGS and SGR both learning how to use it with lost ark on the fly