Add demon beast vein and cov fang to stone exchange

simple easy solution for use of a not so useful set of items. some people do use them most skip them and go straight to relic. After relic they are worthless and take up space. Yes, you can sell for small amount of silver, but better option is just add them to the stone of chaos exchange.

They are legendary and easier to farm, so instead of 5 for 1…make it like 10-12 or 15 for 1. Gives a use for the items.


I would wishfully suggest stone of chaos exchange

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Both of these are marvelous suggestions and should be considered for implementation.

Thanks for your suggestion, PropheticJedi!

I’ll send it over to the devs.

Stone of Chaos doesn’t make sense since you can’t get those below 1445. Honor shards or GHL would make sense though.

Maybe it would be cool, to exchange the Veins and Fangs into Demon Beast Stones and Vykas Wings.
So that People that have Problems finding proper Clear Partys have also the Chance to get their full Relic Set after Weeks.

Definitely not 1:1 Exchange but 30:1 or so

Let us exchange for pheons