Add language tags to servers, stop fracturing

So Asta is closed, which is/was the unofficial German server. And as far as I can tell the fracturing is already beginning with Sceptrum, Procylon, Slen and other servers being joined by german guilds and players. I would assume, since Zinnervale, the unofficial English server, is also closed, that the same thing is happening there.

Later today you are going to open more servers.

I can only urge you to add language tags, at least for the EU servers, like simply adding [EN] [DE] and so on.

Because the way I see it, the existing servers are going to be joined be a large group of different languages without an ad hoc tag-system in place, which could cause problems for the still open servers with lower populations, that were designated as unofficial servers for different languages like e.g. Wei. Not everyone has the ability to read, write or speak different languages fluently. I certainly do not.

The people that were late to the game will “suffer” from a missing tag-system. When the player numbers will subside, they may be “stranded” on a few different servers with only a handful of people who speak their native language (slight exaggeration).

So please, for the love of God, add an ad hoc language tag to the servers that are being added and preferably also to the existing servers. IP addresses should give you more than enough data to make an educated guess, which languages are more or less dominant on the existing servers. Or look at the community thread which server were designated for which language by the community.

add server language tags to new servers that are going to launch later today and preferably to existing servers too


Totally agree. So much reason to put a tag for preferred language.