Add more small content

Can we please get more small content to occupy players. Some people have finished their island or don’t want to do trade skills or farm chaos dungeon or even guardian raid. Some of us want to chill and farm stuff.
Some suggestions :

  • Add more Mounts or/and Pets or even skins we can farm. While we que raids, it takes long because little supports atleast we can do other stuff.
  • Add extra honing drops to some islands.
  • Add trade skill crafting where you can sell more stuff.
  • More PvP events, new arenas(Siege is limited to guilds :()

This game is amazing at classes and raids, atleast give us more to farm to make our class look cooler while queing the best raids. Just a suggestion. Some of us is done with most PvE stuff.

And MOST of them are wearing blue compasses.

Why are you playing the game than?

We are only going to get content that has already been released to the Korean region. That content is being released as it’s ready to be released. It’s unlikely we will receive additional crafting skills before the Korean region.

You have unrealistic goals for new content

I don’t have a issue doing them…But sometimes I am done with those and trade skill energy empty…so what must I do? All my islands are done.

So I must just stand afk queing raids?

You have completed all horizontal content? Additional vertical content will be released every month or so, find it hard to believe, you have completed all the horizontal content.

Besides a few Island Souls due to my working hours, and some Triple RNG sea Bounties locked behind dead “Gate of X” content…

Ive 100% Mokokos, MasterPieces, World Tree Leaves, Giants Hearts, Omnium Stars, and practically Ignea Tokens. (Just need Brel to finish SV)

And 100% Every Rapport NPC, even affection with Sasha and Ealym.

So yeah, its very much so possible to be done with just about all Horizontal progression.

Oh really? I have all souls…all collectables. Been playing from day 1 release. I am literally doing avhievements.