Add more ways to make Silver in game or reduce/remove some of silver usage please

Please reduce overall silver cost or remove some of the silver usage in some contents since theres too much things in this game that requires silver like honning, repairing, crafting these little things adds up when you have multiple alts. Even after doing x3 Lopang dailies on all the alts, Una weeklies with silver rewards, cube and its still not enough. I have 3 chars in T3 and constantly honning and 1 honning attempt is the same amount as 1 lopang daily, not to mention later on the day i have to spend small bit of silver by repairing gears, lifeskill tools, ships, and reforging T3 gems

Do we even need gears repairing? Like I understand its abit realistic and emersion of needing to keep your gear in a good shape but in raids, field boss 1 death = 5% reduction = silver usage to fix it, I think this is 1 of the system that is better off be removed from the game.

At T2 and higher when honning at +5 or above it start costing Gold, Its prob be better if it cost gold only and not silver why would it cost both silver and gold?


true, on a point u have more a silver problem as gold lol. what a joke

stop making threads about the same stuff, you made two. just post here like the rest of us Lack of Silver is a major issue - #29 by Lycilla


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By the rate that these complains of any gear upgrading is going they might just give everyone +20 gear or completely remove honing materials and let players do it for free…

People seem to want everything now and here, which is not going to work! This game cannot and should not be completed in 1-2 month period, it is literally YEARS of work to get there and western players are just impatient AF…