Add pheons to mystic vendor raid

we really need pheons since it’s something like 22k to buy 855 bc to get 100 pheons ( on euc )
and 25 pheons x 5 acc = 125
and on the top of the that we have alt too

and this is good to have actually have one week earlier confirmation of the update even if we obviously knew hope this communication will continue and getting better

ark pass one week earlier to fill up the lack of content was good too keep it up


nah im fine i have 500+ of it , rather see lego books in that vendor over pheons


i started to play something like 1 or 2 weeks before valtan i’m far from 500 of it and don’t put money to boost the game only for somes skins but i only bought 2 cause they are ugly

me neither, but i ve been playing since launch almost

This person knows what’s up.
It’s draining my weekly/daily earnings, instead of chasing the accessory I’m chasing the pheons.

The situation is messed up for several reasons, AGS/SG did not lower the quantity needed like they did in the other regions. Secondly they took out gold of the game in various ways, which means we make less/earn less now and lastly the price of blue crystals is sitting at 2350g.

So that’s 7000g spent on pheons for a 300-500 accessory, kind of takes away the fun in some way. You already spent a lot of time grinding, gearing and/or money on the game in various ways, this greed on top of it all just rubs me the wrong way.

All in all we went backwards, it started when they removed the class prologues that things took a wrong turn (they are not connected, but from observation I noticed changes that didn’t turn out for the better).

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it has tho? 10 pheons, its not much but its still there to help us. Maybe they even gonna buff it to 20 etc, i hope so.

here is the full rewards list from russia;

I have a special tip, dont hone your lvl 21/22+ weapon and spend that 50-100k gold for pheons, you easy get anough to equip 2-3 alts with relics… people are just not willing to spent Blue Crystals for pheons, but its part of the game.

whats the diffrence of getting Honor shards pouches or GHL instead or pheons ? the price value you get from the vendor will be the same

totally true they really need to lower the price of pheons to help a bit against the inflation or at least the cost of relic acc

my weapon is at 21 i’ll never hone more that’s a big cost but on the others hand i have no problem with leapstones or others stuff

10 is close to nothing at least 25 for one relic acc or 30 so new players can buy 2 legendary acc

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So you dont hone, you obtain something like 50-100k per week as income ( depending on the roster) and still crying about 7k pheon costs ?

explain to me whats the problem to use 1 weekly income to get some pheons ?

you know that with brel shards will be skyrocketing and noone will cry about pheons , because honorshards will be the biggest Roster issue right ?

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that’s not 7k golds it’s 22k for only 4 acc not 5
and how do i stuff my character 5x3 with average price acc at 60K gold ? neck is 110k minimum
as i said i started pre valtan i just completed my roster 6 2 weeks ago with good gold income

edit: and i won’t even talk about alt ofc that are with legendary acc

what a stupid assumption, together with all who gave you likes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.

I am 1505 main 5x3 best engravings, lvl 9 dmg gems since i play SH as main i only need one dmg gem, stats 1646 spec rest in crit.
2 1445 sh alts both 4x3 best engravings
2 re db 1445 both 4x3 best engravings and all lvl 7 gems, cuz i share between the 2, same for my shadowhunters,
1 scouter 1415 4x3 best engravings, 2 lvl 7 gems
1 1370 gs, 3x3 1x1
1 1340 gs 2x2 1x1
1 1340 zerk 2x2

And i do argos busses and SOLO valtan normal bus, but that one i just started.

oh yeah since lauch i have spent more than half of the total of 660 euros i used, i used on skins that i wear not sell, and also the rest yes was mainly just for blue crystals.

this one is it’s christmas event with the stars

yesterday I wanted to give my Sharpshooter lvl 1435 ( 7th alt) some love.

i bough 100 pheons , to a price of 95bc/2250g not a big deal cause i have enough gold atm and dont need it for any other char.

that 22500 gold is nothing as i realice i cant even buy 1 singe accessory for that price with classengraving. so i decided just click some Stones , were lucky god a 6/7 at the 5th
so to get a 5x3 i would have spend about 280k gold for some 30-70 quality accs. so peons wasnt the problem.
so i leave him like that till he earns some relics.

you just have to prioritice how you value pheons into gold

inflation goes up pheons go up
inflations goes down , pheons go down in price, but the value what you have to spend will be always the same market wise

So why should AGS/SG do something about the BC/pheon price ?

its the fault of the PLayerbase that RMT was a thing that they used it and bots infating the market… same like bussing bussing causes a big inflation every week, but people still doing it , and then cry that everything gets more expensive even tho they are part of the problem

They need to stop adding tradable skins in the cashop that you can buy for blue crystals because it is blowing up BC prices the most. Which in turn makes the blow to buy pheons even worse, monetization in this game is a mess and AGS/SG are double and triple dipping at the cost of longevity.

On top of that or another suggestion would to give away 10 pheons per week and meet people half way, we would still need to buy 15 pheons but it is at least something. Hell even 5 pheons per week guaranteed would be of help.

People can’t afford things people are going to RMT, people RMT and it messes up the economy, messed up economy is people leaving the game. Perhaps not in masses but it is one of the reasons people can/may leave for.

If something (a game in this case) is not fun, it’s not far fetched that the person would seek it elsewhere. Not trying to be doom and gloom and what I’m saying should be obvious to any publisher, yet not enough is being done.

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Now you make me want Nesquick again darn.

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Add pheons to crystaline aura as a daily or weekly login reward. Add pheons to una token shop and revamp it so it gives a box of gold + pheons. Add recurring monthly/weekly event that gives pheons. Increase the rewards from events in general


i agree giving free guaranted pheon per week or per character or whatever but make skins bounds people f2p can not longer buy skins in golds so yeah idk

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cold right ?
i should maybe change my name

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