Add pots to Integrated Presets

Integrated Presets should have an option to select a Skill Tree Inventory to be applied.

At the very least add a button to “apply All”.

My Paladin needs completly different pods depending on group vs single-player/“easy stuff” always going to the vendor and changing the entire inventory manually is a drag…


I 100% agree with this, tho “pots” was a little confusing with the title. If we’re given the option to switch out our skill builds, then it should make sense that there will be a whole new set of tripods.

up, i am absolutely agree with TS

Integrated Presets DO apply custom tripods…

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we are talking about applying a separate tripod tracking system, bcuz while u are in a support build it tracks all offensive tripods for your dps build, and vice versa. thus to actually check if u need something from what u found u need to MANUALLY switch all skill tree, bcuz integrated preset is not doing it properly.

In fact yes integrated preset switch your tripods while u are doing activities but it dont changes on your armor, so tracking system is not working properly.

The OP didn’t mention tracking or notifications even once, only ST Inventories (which do work in the Integrated Presets)…

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That’s not at all what OP was talking about.

Tackling your new point, though, you can mark more than 18 to track, right? Or am I mistaken? Wouldn’t marking everything you could make use of be more optimal regardless? Unless you’re trying to automatically nuke shit you might want to use (or sell), of course…

yes thats true i have almost 30 tripods marked, but i am obviously using only 18 in each of my build, so when i am in support build all items (even items with lvl 1 tripods for another my build) are marked, and to check if i am actually found something that i need for my second dps build i cant just change integrated preset bcuz it wont change tripod on armor, i need to go to the npc and manually change every item and then i can check if i am actually found something for the second build, yea may be i was wrong, but the button in skill system NPC to apply whole inventory that TS requsted would kinda solve my problem too i guess. xD

Ahh, I see what you’re saying now. Since they’re not currently equipped, the lower tier ones get marked. That definitely makes sense. Would be a nice QOL change for sure!