Add PvP bots/exclusive game mode for new players in this game?

The matchmaking system is terrible in this game. I sometimes had to play with Ultra, limit players. They’re all new players, and the PvP mechanics in this game has a high learning curve. So new players usually are not good when they first play PvP.

Now imagine they’re placing all those new players with Supreme/high-ranked players, players with hundreds or thousands of matches. It’s a ‘traumatizing’ learning experience since the new players likely going to mop the floor 90% of the time. They have 0 understanding of super armour, CCs, PoV, teamwork, strategies to play against certain classes etc.

It’s a bad experience for both parties, an equal fight is always more fun. New players deserve players at the same level as they are to practice their combo and basic understanding of PvP, for a more enjoyable experience.

That being said, I hope they would add a system allowing new players to learn about Lost Ark’s basic combat mechanics. I remember the first time I play PvP, it was not this hard since everyone is new to the game mode. It would be great if the new players can experience the combat system like how we used to.


If you haven’t found it already, u can play with bots if you do a custom game.

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Dude, after months of playing this game I didn’t know that. That’s great. :rofl:

Now we need an in-game guide about PvP basics.

Here’s a few good link for you

Which server do you play on btw ?

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The “exclusive new players” mode is called unranked, sadly these days it’s being overrun by premade platinum+ ranks. Long ago I suggested a separate bracket for premade so it’s fair for all parties.

I’ve seen ultra, and limit players playing against Master+ players. It was a shit show. No one benefit from that fight, the high-ranked players wouldn’t learn much from beating people with less than 10 games. And getting rolled over and over just gonna be a frustrating experience for the newbies.

My point exactly, it also happens in ranked (bronze/silver with plat/diamond), but that’s due to lack of players. It’s cringe how serious people take the game and how far they’ll go for a “win”, even in unranked.

The stronger the opponent the more interesting and/or enjoyable PvP is for me personally, but here I get the feeling that people would even sell their parents for a win. They ruined ranked and now it’s happening to unranked also.

Its the problem of that XP Server ranking system.

If you want to Reach Extreme , you have to play alot . Depending on the Server , it differs.
On my server to get Weekly rank 1 you have to reach between 50-70k per week.
Thats almost every Day dojung 6+ Hours Arena + Weekend events + GvG + Event pvp islands ( medaia /Slime )

And playing as Duo , Unranked give you the most possible advantage to fullfill that Points per week to reach Rank one for the most amount of XP ( 0,1% )

If you want extreme you have to do it on populated servers like that

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I already have extreme, though you mention something interesting.
Are you 100% sure GvG/PvP islands contribute towards your weekly % needed to maintain rank?
I’ve never paid attention to it to be honest and only focus on arena in that regard.

Nevertheless and despite being Extreme rank it doesn’t make anything I’ve said less true.
It is a nightmare for new players, but like everything else word will fall upon deaf ears as this game is ducktaped together when it comes to management.

Don’t you think there’s enough bot in the game already ? it’s already a dead game :joy:

you get about 2k points per game Slime/Medaia GvG at sunday evening ( not sure about the lower 8/12 man isles tbf)
you do 3 games, results in 6k extra pvp weekly points does not matter if you loose or win from what i experienced

you never wondered why some people spike at sunday evenings in points ?

edit: Slime/medaia event which comes from GvG , i mean its 7 per day , you can do every time and every time get 350/700 loose/win points

I wouldn’t know, not interested in guilds so no I don’t pay attention to it.
However I do participate in the weekend island siege, but haven’t been paying attention to the gains except what’s inventory.